Digital Archiving Software

Capture, Archive, Manage & Access All Your Documents Digitally & Securely from Work or Home Office With the iGuana iDM software system for document management & digital archiving you can centrally archive all your files & documents in digital format, find documents instantly and access them securely from anywhere at any time. [...]

Digital Mailroom

Collection, Digitization, Classification, Extraction of Data from & Distribution of Incoming Mail With Youston Digital Mailroom solution you can take advantage of outsourcing the processing of all your incoming post to a mailroom automation expert at a fraction of the cost of doing it internally. We take care of collecting your mail [...]

Scanning & Digitization

Digitization, Scanning & Indexing of Files, Documents & Archives With Youston solution for scanning & digitization of documents & archives you can take advantage of being able to access your files at any time and from anywhere. This is especially convenient when your employees are working from home or remotely. We scan [...]

Archive Management

Archive & Records Management, Document Retention Planning & Certified Destruction With Youston's solution for external archive management you can forget about the hassle of daily maintenance & management of your archive. Think of Youston as an extension of your own organization i.e. your personal archiving department staffed with professionals in records & [...]

Archive Storage

Storage of Your Archives, Documents, Files & Records in a Secure & Suitable Environment With Youston's solution for external archive storage you will free up valuable space currently occupied by your documents, and no longer need to worry about safety & confidentiality of your files, compliance with laws & regulations, retention planning [...]

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