Scanning & Digitization

Digitization, Scanning & Indexing of Files, Documents & Archives

With Youston solution for scanning & digitization of documents & archives you can take advantage of being able to access your files at any time and from anywhere. This is especially convenient when your employees are working from home or remotely.

We scan all kinds of documents in different formats, such as accounting documents, invoices, incoming post (digital mailroom), medical records, patient files, wide or large format documents, construction files, books, and a lot more. By outsourcing digitization of your documents to Youston you can take full advantage of a digital archive with 24/7 access to business critical information without having to invest any time or resources into taking care of it yourself.

Our digitization & archiving experts will ensure that your documents are professionally digitized using the latest in technology, software & scanning equipment, and that you receive top-quality images in your chosen format.

Pick-up, Transport & Storage of Your Archive
Youston vehicle on its way to pick up customer archives & documents for subsequent scanning at Youston digitization centre

Our trained personnel come on site to pick up your documents / archive. We register all your files in our archive management system and assign each file & archive box a unique barcode, making it possible to track the status and location of each document at all times and guarantee that no file is lost. We then securely transport your archive to our confidential storage facility where the documents are temporarily stored until they are digitized.

Document Preparation, Scanning, Indexing & Delivery

Our experienced document preparation & digitization operators are trained to handle customer files with care and to follow all the rules & procedures designed to guarantee security & confidentiality of customer information during processing. First, our personnel prepare all your documents for scanning. They take documents out of file folders, remove staples and paper clips, take our post-its and glue them to separate scannable pages, etc., and arrange all documents in a way that ensures smooth and interruption-free scanning.

Youston scanning & digitization operator in the process of preparing documents for scanning e.g., removing paper clips, etc.

Each document is then scanned using high-quality scanners that are most appropriate for the type of document to be scanned. For example, A4 documents in good condition are scanned using special high-speed rotary document scanners; large format documents, such as construction blueprints or engineering drawings, are scanned using specialized wide format scanners; books are scanned using premier-quality book scanners, etc. This ensures the highest possible quality of your digital images.

We also index all your files, either automatically, manually or using a combination of both techniques. The software that we use to capture, scan and index your documents makes it possible to automatically classify the incoming document stream and to extract the required data using artificial intelligence and sophisticated recognition technologies, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), and barcode recognition. Some documents may require manual indexing (for example, records containing hardly legible handwriting that the software is not able to recognize).

Once scanned and indexed, the documents and their metadata are delivered to you in your chosen format, e.g., PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG, XML, CSV, etc. for import into your existing systems, such as your DMS (document management system), and using your preferred delivery method, such as VPN or an external hard disk.

Access to Your Archive & 24/7 Availability

You can access and consult your archive using our Track & Trace application at any time while it is being digitized. The Track & Trace application allows you to look up any document and its status at any time and request it to be scanned (scanning on demand) or physically delivered (delivery on demand) e.g., if you are in urgent need of a particular file. All requests for expedited scanning on demand are processed within 60 minutes, ensuring that you have quick access to your documents whenever you need them.

If you wish to have more tools to control & monitor your archive (for example, if many of your employees plan to consult many files often while the documents are being stored & digitized at Youston), or if you require a DMS that will allow you to archive & manage all your digital files in a structured way, you can opt in to use our document management & digital archiving software.

Storage, Destruction or Return of Your Files

When it comes to deciding what to do with your physical archive during or after digitization, there are several options to choose from.

If you do not plan to consult your archive regularly, it may make more sense for you to opt for Youston’s long-term archive storage with archive management, and use our scanning on demand service to digitize only the specific files that you require whenever you need them. Alternatively, if you plan to access many files in your archive regularly, digitizing either a large part of your archive or your entire archive may be a better option. We can then take care of confidential certified destruction of physical files after they have been digitized. Lastly, if your archive consists of items that cannot be destroyed after digitization (e.g., valuable books), we will return them to you at the end of the scanning project.

Whatever your particular situation, our records & information management (RIM) specialists will find the optimal solution for your scanning & digitization needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Digitization to Youston

If digitization is not your core business, scanning your documents internally on a continuous basis and making them available digitally to your staff, customers, partners or suppliers in a secure, structured and user-friendly manner can cost you a tremendous amount of time and resources, especially if your archive contains documents of irregular size or format. By outsourcing scanning & digitization of your documents, files & records to Youston you will be able to:

  • Free up physical archive space in favour of digital archiving

  • Have access to your documents from anywhere and at any time

  • Make it easy for your employees to work from home or remotely

  • Facilitate information sharing & exchange within your organization

  • Feel confident that your files are correctly digitized & no data is lost

  • Ensure there is a backup of your physical files in case of disaster

  • Save precious time & resources to focus on core activities

Did you know that we can take care of and digitize all your incoming post / mail? Find out about our Digital Mailroom solution here!

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