Archive Storage

Storage of Your Archives, Documents, Files & Records in a Secure & Suitable Environment

With Youston’s solution for external archive storage you will free up valuable space currently occupied by your documents, and no longer need to worry about safety & confidentiality of your files, compliance with laws & regulations, retention planning or confidential destruction.

By outsourcing your records storage to Youston you will significantly reduce your archive & records management costs while still taking advantage of uninterrupted, on-demand access to all your files (digitally and/or physically).

Archive Pick-up & Transportation to External Storage

We perform a complete inventory of your document archive and register each file in our archive management system. Each file is assigned a unique barcode. We then carefully pack all your documents & records in our special Youston archive boxes. These boxes are also uniquely numbered and are designed to ensure that your files are safe & secure during transportation and while in long-term storage. This way we (and you) can track everything that happens to the documents at any point in time. All your files are then transported to our offsite records storage where they are stored in a controlled environment accessible only to authorized personnel.

Storage of Files & Records in a Protected Environment

Your archive is stored in a highly secure, controlled environment which is continuously monitored and is suitable for long-term document storage. Our archive storage facility is built and maintained in compliance will all relevant rules & regulations. We utilize the latest in technology and equipment, including sophisticated fire detection, sprinkler, security & climate control systems.

Youston guarantees security, confidentiality & appropriate storage conditions for your files and health & safety of all personnel that handle your documents. You can feel confident that your documents are well protected against unauthorized access, fire, theft, contamination (e.g. by fungus, mould), etc. In addition, all our employees are security-screened, properly trained (including in data protection / GDPR matters) and have all signed confidentiality agreements.

24/7 Availability & Access to Your Document Archive

Your archive is always available for you to consult. Using the Youston Track & Trace application you can look up any document at any time, request for it to be scanned and receive it in digital format. Alternatively, you can request the document to be delivered to you physically. All requests for urgent scanning on demand are processed within 60 minutes, ensuring that you have quick access to your documents whenever you need them.

If you wish to have more tools to control & manage your archive (for example, if many of your employees plan to consult many files often), you can opt in to use our digital archiving software. Our records & information management (RIM) specialists will find the optimal solution for your storage & archive management needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Archive Storage to Youston

If storage & archiving is not your core business, taking care of your documents & records in a professional way can cost you a lot of valuable time and resources. Let our archiving specialists take care of your archive so you can take care of your business. By outsourcing your records storage to Youston you will be able to:

  • Save, optimize or re-purpose your existing archive space

  • Reduce archive storage & records management costs

  • Ensure your archive is fully protected & secure at all times
  • Feel confident that your files are stored in optimal conditions

  • Let our team worry about compliance, rules & regulations

  • Use your archive without having to actually manage it

  • Access your files easily even if you work from home

Wish to learn more about how we manage and take care of your archive while it is stored at Youston? If so, find out here!

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