Digital Mailroom

Collection, Digitization, Classification, Extraction of Data from & Distribution of Incoming Mail

With Youston Digital Mailroom solution you can take advantage of outsourcing the processing of all your incoming post to a mailroom automation expert at a fraction of the cost of doing it internally. We take care of collecting your mail on a regular basis, digitizing it, extracting all the necessary data, and distributing it to the right departments, persons and systems in your organization. You do not have to worry about anything and can rest assured that none of your mail will go unopened.

Think of Youston as an extension of your own organization i.e., your personal mail processing department staffed with professionals in mailroom automation who take care of your business correspondence and make sure that every letter reaches the correct recipient as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In the meantime, you save significant effort & resources to focus on acting upon the information contained in your mail as opposed to spending time on related administration.

Collection, Scanning & Classification of Incoming Mail

We collect your incoming mail either from your location or P.O. Box on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can choose to send all your post directly to Youston. You can also send us all the incoming mail you receive digitally so that we can start processing it immediately using our mail recognition & extraction software.

We scan, capture and classify your post using specialized scanners & software that automatically recognizes all incoming documents, identifies their type (e.g., contracts, invoices, forms, etc.), and classifies them accordingly.

Customer Mail Being Delivered to Youston for Scanning, Digitization & Routing to Correct People

Recognition & Data Extraction from Incoming Post

All incoming mail / post is automatically recognized using several sophisticated recognition technologies for many different languages, including: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for printed text, ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) for hand-written text, OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) for various types of checkmarks, and barcode recognition for 1D and 2D barcodes.

Multi-page documents are recognized and processed as single documents with the help of separation sheets, blank page detection, header detection, etc. Whenever it is not possible to recognize a document automatically (e.g. hardly legible handwritten text), this is done manually by our operators.

Youston employee performing data verification & indexing on a select set of documents following data extraction

We can extract data automatically from a wide variety of incoming mail, including structured and unstructured documents, such as loan, bank card or mortgage applications, contractual agreements, invoices, forms & questionnaires, reports, etc. This can also include full text extraction using OCR, if you wish us to deliver searchable PDFs. All extracted data is automatically verified and validated. In cases where automatic verification cannot guarantee data accuracy, verification is performed by our trained personnel who index the documents manually.

The optimal combination of automatic and manual recognition, extraction & verification guarantees 100% accuracy. You can rest assured that no data is lost and that every document is fully processed.

Routing, Distribution & Availability of Digitized Mail

Scanned mail (images & metadata) can be fed directly into your existing workflows, your ERP, your DMS, CRM, HRM or any other IT system or application. You can also opt in to use our state-of-the-art document management & digital archiving system to manage and digitally archive all your scanned mail.

Digitized documents can also be routed to the correct people or departments in your organization via e-mail i.e. directly into their mailboxes. This ensures that all your incoming business correspondence is immediately available digitally to the right people, at the right time, and in a structured way.

You can choose from a variety of delivery formats for digital images, such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc., and for metadata, such as CSV, XML, etc. All physical mail that was digitized is securely destroyed (unless you wish us to keep it for you in our confidential archive storage or return it to you).

Benefits of Outsourcing Mail Processing to Youston

Processing incoming mail can easily become a really time consuming and resource-intensive administrative task if not handled efficiently and in a timely manner. Unopened, incorrectly routed or unread post can result in important or business critical information not reaching the right people at the right time and costing your organization even more time and money. This is especially true for organizations that need to process large volumes of post on a daily basis. By outsourcing the processing of all incoming mail to Youston you will be able to:

  • Ensure that all your mail is opened and processed right away

  • Feel confident that all your post reaches correct recipients on time

  • Make use of actionable information & data extracted from your mail

  • Facilitate and streamline workflows within your organization

  • Speed up internal communication & information exchange

  • Integrate digitized documents into your systems & applications

  • Have more time to dedicate to your core activities

Did you know that in addition to digitizing your incoming mail, we can also digitize a wide variety of other documents for your organization, or even your entire archive? Find out more about our Scanning & Digitization solution here!

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