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Capture, Archive, Manage & Access All Your Documents Digitally & Securely from Work or Home Office

With the iGuana iDM software system for document management & digital archiving you can centrally archive all your files & documents in digital format, find documents instantly and access them securely from anywhere at any time. This means that wherever you are i.e. working from home, office or another location, you can rest assured that you can always access all the documents that you need, easily collaborate with your colleagues, customers & suppliers, share & distribute documents across teams & departments, and never again waste valuable time looking for documents in multiple places.

Think of the iGuana iDM digital archiving software as your organization’s central, legally compliant, GDPR compliant, highly secure, structured, and revision-proof digital archive. It feeds documents into your existing workflows, helps you streamline & automate critical business processes, and links to your IT systems or applications, such as your ERP, CRM, HRM, etc. At the same time, your employees find it much easier to complete their daily tasks and can work from anywhere.

Capture, Archive & Find Documents Instantly

Instead of spending valuable time looking for your documents in multiple places, such as file folders, e-mails, hard drives, various systems & applications etc., use the iGuana iDM software to easily convert all your paper documents to digital format, capture existing digital documents, such as e-mails, PDFs, photos, and other files, and digitally archive them all in one central digital archive.

You can easily search for and find the right document in a matter of seconds, and never have to worry about where the document was last saved, or which version is the correct one. If you work from home, from your office or remotely from another location, you can always access all your documents archived in iGuana iDM in a secure way, collaborate and share with your colleagues.

Manage the Entire Document Lifecycle

With the iGuana iDM document management & digital archiving software you can easily manage the entire document lifecycle, from capture of documents from multiple disparate sources, their processing, archiving and integration into existing workflows within your organization, all the way through to their retention & destruction.

Woman sitting in her office in front of computer smiling and using iGuana iDM software to find and use documents she needs for her work

Using iGuana iDM’s fully configurable interface you can look up documents using Google-style search and easily find related documents, so that you can access all relevant files in one place. In addition, you can always find the latest version of every document and view its full history. You can also add comments, notes, post-its, and other annotations, as well as easily index any document by simply pointing to words contained in it.

iGuana iDM also allows you to digitize & process various types of documents & forms in multiple languages using powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), and barcode recognition technology, and extract necessary data.

In addition, you can use iGuana iDM to create document workflows of any complexity, generate dynamic reports and important statistics (e.g., document volume, productivity, or user access statistics), prepare digital case files for your auditors or legal department, register and track documents in your physical archive, plan for document retention, destruction & data erasure.

Ensure Compliance & Security

iGuana iDM is a legally compliant digital archiving system. It provides for revision-proof, highly structured archiving of documents in unalterable, non-proprietary formats. All documents & metadata are protected from unauthorized access through application of rule-based & multi-tier security features, and use of tamper-proof, full audit trails that track all user activity down to field level. In addition, we use container files, multiple encryption methods, hashing algorithms and Blockchain technology to protect documents & metadata archived in iGuana iDM.

Leverage Integration with Existing Systems

iGuana iDM software can integrate with your existing IT systems and applications, such as your ERP, CRM, HRM, SharePoint, etc. It can also integrate with Microsoft 365 (Office 365) to automatically archive e-mails, Word, Excel, and other documents. If you wish, you can also have your users consult or even index documents archived in iGuana iDM directly via the screen of the systems that they are working with on a daily basis, such as the familiar screens of your ERP, HRM, etc.

Benefits of Using Digital Archiving Software

The iGuana iDM digital archiving & document management software (DMS) can help you take all your documents under control, capture, manage and archive them centrally & securely in a structured and legally compliant manner, and make it very easy for your personnel to find the documents that they need in seconds. By using the iGuana iDM software at your organization you will be able to:

  • Create a central digital archive of all your files, documents & records

  • Access & retrieve any document anywhere, anytime & in seconds

  • Streamline & optimize existing document processes & workflows

  • Ensure security & compliance with rules & regulations in your sector

  • Easily collaborate & share information across teams & departments

  • Feed documents into existing IT systems, workflows & applications

  • Make it easy for your employees to work at home or remotely

Did you know that you can use the iGuana iDM digital archiving software in combination with other archiving solutions that we offer? Your document archive deserves a complete solution! Learn more about Archive Storage, Archive Management, Scanning & Digitization, and Digital Mailroom.

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