Archive Management

Archive & Records Management, Document Retention Planning & Certified Destruction

With Youston’s solution for external archive management you can forget about the hassle of daily maintenance & management of your archive. Think of Youston as an extension of your own organization i.e. your personal archiving department staffed with professionals in records & information management (RIM) who take care of your archive 24/7 while you save time & resources to focus on your core activities.

You no longer need to worry about the safety & confidentiality of your files, compliance with laws & regulations, retention planning & retention management, or confidential destruction of documents. In combination with archive storage for documents that you must legally retain for longer periods (passive / static archiving), our solution is ideal for organizations who wish to benefit from all the advantages of active / dynamic in-house archiving but without the daily management costs.

24/7 Archive Access, Scanning or Delivery on Demand

With Youston you do not have to worry about access to your archive even if it is stored & managed externally. Your files & documents are always available and accessible. You can consult your archive at any time via the user-friendly interface of our archive management system. Since we perform a complete inventory of your document archive, register each file in our archiving system, and assign each file & archive box a unique barcode, we always know the exact location and status of each document.

Youston employee scanning documents archived at Youston storage facility for on demand delivery to customer in digital format

Using our specialized and easy-to-use archiving software with track & trace capabilities, you can look up any file or document at any time, request for it to be scanned and receive it digitally in high quality. You can also see the history of your requests and track their status. All requests for urgent scanning on demand (SOD) are processed within 60 minutes, ensuring that you have quick access to your documents whenever you need them.

Alternatively, you can request the document to be delivered to you physically. A member of our delivery service personnel (trained and security-screened) delivers the original document within the agreed upon timeframe. Youston’s own employees handle such requests i.e. we do not use any external courier service, and all document deliveries are made using Youston’s own vehicles and drivers.

Document Retention Planning & Management
Youston archive employee reviewing a list of documents that reached the end of their retention period & are eligible for destruction

Our archive specialists develop an individual retention plan for each type of file, document or record in your archive. Your team no longer needs to worry about which documents must be retained and for how long. Once the retention plan is developed, our archive management system automatically generates detailed lists of documents that have reached their legal retention period and sends reminders to the responsible Youston personnel informing them which files can be destroyed.


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Confidential Destruction of Archive Documents

Once the documents reach the end of their legal retention period they can be physically destroyed. Our staff take care of the confidential destruction of your files in compliance with the DIN 66399 standard and in accordance with the destruction requirements specific to the document types to be destroyed. We then provide you with a confidential destruction certificate.

Benefits of Outsourcing Archive Management to Youston

If archiving is not your core business, taking care of your documents, files & records in a professional way can cost you a lot of time, effort and resources. Let our archiving specialists take care of your archive so you can take care of your business. By outsourcing your archive management to Youston you will be able to:

  • Reduce archive & records management costs

  • Ensure that every document is accounted for (complete inventory)

  • Stop worrying about retention periods & retention planning

  • Let our team worry about all compliance, rules & regulations

  • Guarantee that your files are correctly & safely destroyed

  • Use your archive without having to actually manage it

  • Access files anytime even when working from home or remotely

Wish to learn more about where and how we store your archive so that we can manage it on your behalf? If so, find out here!

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