Youston attracts new General Manager to deliver on continued growth ambitions

Youston attracts new General Manager to fulfill further growth ambitions

Pieter Vansynghel has hired Jef Vandecruys as the new General Manager of his company Youston. As of today, owner Pieter will hand over the daily management in order to focus more on the development of new future-oriented digitalization solutions for customers. The division into both positions is intended to fulfill Youston’s further growth and internationalization plans.

Since its founding 15 years ago, Limburg-based Youston has become Belgium’s largest digitization company. Its innovative applications for indexing and digitizing paper archives, coupled with the digital platform iGuana, make Youston a unique player in the market.

Focus on future innovations

“Our growth is best expressed in the number of miles we traveled. Literally. In 2012 we started with 25 km of archive and in 2024 we will expand our capacity to no less than 1,000 km of fully indexed archive. Needless to say, I am proud of the track record of the entire Youston team. However, as an innovative company, we must always keep looking ahead. Our customers look to us to assist them to process data even faster and more accurately. Today’s technical capabilities allow us to deliver requested documents within the hour, even if they are only available in hard copy. But we are even more ambitious. The world of artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly. This offers incredible opportunities for our company – provided our focus is also right. Our motivation, as innovators, is to be at the cradle of technical solutions that are non-existent today, but that can simplify the lives of our customers within 2 years. It will be my job to take back more of a lead in developing those strategic solutions to our customers’ digitization challenges. The need for a new General Manager to take over the daily management from me was therefore imminent,” explained Pieter Vansynghel.

The Youston family gets reinforced

Jef Vandecruys brings a suitcase full of experience to Youston. He was Global Director Digital Connection at AB-InBev for 4 years, under the direct leadership of CEO Carlos Brito

to position AB InBev as a leading company in a digital world. As COO of Limburg-based Zappware and Manager at MEDIAGenix, he made his mark at both companies in their international breakthroughs.

“Digitalization is the future to greatly simplify our lives in private but certainly also in business. I very much believe that smart software applications will play an increasingly important role in the way we will deal with Big Data.

There is so much information coming at us that sometimes it feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. Youston has made it its success to find that needle and every second. I am therefore very happy to be part of the Youston family starting today. The values of this family business and Pieter’s vision are inseparable from Youston’s DNA as a technologically innovative company. It will be my job to strengthen this even more within the framework of our future ambitions and to keep getting all colleagues moving in the same direction,” says Jef Vandecruys, new General Manager of Youston.

For further details:
  • Pieter Vansynghel: 0475 24 02 24
  • Jef Vandecruys: 0471 48 43 93

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