Free E-Book: Archiving, Digitization, GDPR & Retention Periods

Person working on iPad with digital lock hovering above the screen symbolizing the concept of GDPR, data protection, compliance

GDPR, retention periods, archiving and digitization? GDPR came into force a long time ago. The main area of focus for everyone is set on digital sources, collection, and storage of data. One aspect that remains strongly underrepresented – your organization’s archives, both ‘paper’ and ‘digital’.

We wrote an e-book about the obligations that you have as a company with respect to your most important documents. How do you deal with GDPR in your archive? How do you ensure that your archive is GDPR compliant and the requirements for the retention periods are met? Which norms do you have to take into account?

Download this e-book to find out what you need to know.
Note: for the moment the e-book is only available in Dutch. However, our experts would be thrilled to provide a consultation in English.

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