Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enable all private and public sector employees to work digitally from anywhere, regardless of location. Our vision is to guarantee that our solutions result in increased efficiency and cost savings on the part of our customers and allow our clients to focus on their core business and activities.

We place a high value on the principles of proper business conduct and corporate social responsibility. Whether with our customers, partners, or employees, we always strive for lasting relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust. You can confidently transfer the administration of your archives and new document streams to our team.

Our Story

Our journey as a company focused entirely on archiving and digitization began in 2012 when we moved to a new prominent location along highway E313 connecting two major cities of Antwerp & Liege. This move was followed by a visit from Alexander De Croo (elected Prime Minister of Belgium in 2020) who testified that digitization market innovators such as Youston are helping our society’s transition to digital.

Between 2016 and 2020 Youston’s growth was further fuelled by acquisition of an additional 6.5 ha of space, investment from Concentra, and construction of a secure archive storage site, inaugurated by Mr. De Croo, with 500 km worth of archiving capacity. In 2021, Youston acquired iGuana, a leading document management & digital archiving solutions provider. Together, we are able to build innovative solutions to help businesses & governments transition from paper to digital.

Management Team

Meet our executive management team.
Our management team consists of highly skilled, dedicated professionals and experts in their fields who are fully committed to customer satisfaction and to building and delivering the most innovative and versatile solutions.

Pieter Vansynghel
Pieter VansynghelCEO
Jef Vandecruys
Jef VandecruysGeneral Manager
Filiep Degryse
Filiep DegryseCOO
Stephane Horta
Stephane HortaCIO
Cynthia Loontiens
Cynthia Loontiens HR Lead
Wim Vanoeveren
Wim VanoeverenCTO

“The world, both physical and digital, is changing and transforming at an increasingly faster pace. By fostering a culture of adaptability and out-of-the-box thinking and embracing these changes within our own organization as quickly as possible, we trust that we can help our customers harness the full power of digital transformation and solve tomorrow’s challenges already today.”

“The post-pandemic world will never be the same. But I see it as a positive thing. I see great opportunity for Youston, our customers and partners to drive revenue and growth through investment in cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that make documents digitally available to every employee even when they work from home or remotely.”

“In a world defined by change, where technology has a drastic and continuous transformational effect on how people and organizations think, what they do, what they want, and how they evolve, it is our top priority to help our customers and partners face these changes with confidence by developing all-round solutions to implement even the most complex digital projects.”

Youston employee walking through archive storage facility with Youston archive box full of documents


We take care of your paper archive & make sure that any document is available to you on demand

iPhone with file cabinets & book cases rising up from the screen (scanning & digitization concept)


We professionally digitize all kinds of documents for you, whether specific files or your entire archive

Person working on laptop with digital mail icons coming out of the screen (digital mailroom concept)


We collect, digitize and process all your incoming documents & mail and deliver to correct recipients

Smiling woman in front of laptop working from home with iGuana iDM DMS software


Capture, archive & securely access all your documents with the iGuana iDM digital archiving software